Cleveron 302
Connected Lockers

The Cleveron 302 connected locker is a parcel locker system as a last mile delivery solution for the distribution and logistics sectors.

The Cleveron 302

The Cleveron 302 connected locker has been designed for online business; its modular column design gives it great flexibility of use and excellent adjustment capabilities for your environment. Its improved ergonomics and dedicated drawer units for small parcels such as letters, books etc. allows you to maximise capacity per square meter. The addition of a payment module on this model also allows you to offer additional sales on site.
Locker connecté - Cleveron 302
Locker connecté - Cleveron 302

How it works

  1. The user identifies himself and inserts the packages in the most suitable locker
  2. The end user receives a notification along with their withdrawal code
  3. The end user enters or scans their withdrawal code
  4. The locker door opens automatically
  5. The end user collects his parcel and closes the locker door

Advantages of the Cleveron 302

The 3XX range from Cleveron is probably the most reliable locker solution in the world. The key element in this type of solution is the lock; We have devoted a lot of research and development so that it can support more than 50,000 openings. Dedicated drawers for letters and small parcels like books make it possible to maximize locations and minimize the total cost of ownership.

The Cleveron 302 enables all entities like retailers, service providers, pharmacies and many more, to cost-effectively deploy a self-checkout platform. Its modular column design makes it possible to optimize space, the different columns provide storage for up to 55 packages per m².

The 3XX range allows you to initiate your Click and Collect service at a more than advantageous price. Self-service allows you not to monopolize an internal resource to fulfill an order and allows you to act much faster while improving the customer experience. This same service also allows you to increase point-of-sale traffic and allows you to increase additional sales (the latter has been found to represent 40 to 50% of customers).

As with the entire Cleveron range, we offer a complete solution for the entire machine life cycle: hardware, software and support services.

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