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Cleveron 351

Le locker connecté Cleveron 351 est un casier à colis d’extérieur compact conçu pour les petites et moyennes entreprises disposant d’une boutique en ligne. Il peut être utilisé pour délivrer des colis, du matériel, des pièces détachées ou encore des produits disponibles à la location. Il peut également être utilisé dans le secteur des services, pour remettre des documents ou des clés.

The Cleveron 351 is an outdoor locker, suitable for small businesses


Le locker connecté Cleveron 351 est un container de casiers à colis automatisé d’extérieur en interaction avec une application. Cette solution propose un service de retrait/retour de colis en libre-service. Il peut être considéré comme «une boîte au lettre intelligente » et trouve sa place dans des points de collectes, des magasins, des immeubles, des bureaux etc.

you can offer 24 hour contactless service, allowing you to continue your business even in a situation where regular stores are closed.

Locker connecté - Cleveron 351
Locker connecté - Cleveron 351

How it works ?

  1. The user identifies himself and inserts the packages in the most suitable lockers
  2. The end user receives a notification along with their withdrawal code
  3. The end user enters his withdrawal code on the Pinpad
  4. Locker door opens automatically
  5. The end user collects his parcel and closes the locker door
  6. A Noter que le schéma inverse est également un cas d’usage, le locker connecté Cleveron 351 peut être utilisé pour retourner des colis.

An opportunity to continue to develop your business

The Cleveron 351 is an outdoor parcel locker, so your customers can access it 24/7. This gives businesses the ability to continue serving their customers even when their physical stores or offices are closed. Experts predict that consumer habits will be significantly altered as a result of the current pandemic, and that e-commerce is expected to expand further. The Cleveron 351 provides convenient parcel delivery and helps businesses prepare for the exponential growth of e-commerce.

Competitive advantage

Today, the biggest brands and logistics companies are already using parcel lockers. The Cleveron 351 helps small businesses stand out from the competition. Consumers' time is precious and convenience is often a determining factor in the purchase decision. When the price and products are the same, customers usually choose the fastest and most convenient option.

Faster service

With the rise of online shopping, parcel locker networks and delivery services are overwhelmed, resulting in delays and customer dissatisfaction. The Cleveron 351 offers fast delivery of goods and a smooth shopping experience.

Service without human interaction

The restrictions put in place by governments around the world to fight the pandemic are sadly doomed to last. To cope with this situation, companies must adapt and come up with new options for recovering goods without human interaction. With a parcel locker, businesses can protect their customers and employees.

Cost savings

Avec le locker connecté Cleveron 351, les entreprises n'ont pas à faire appel à des sociétés de logistique pour livrer leurs colis. Les clients peuvent utiliser un casier pour récupérer leurs articles lorsqu’ils le souhaitent.


The Cleveron 351 is suitable for small businesses as well as large and offers possibilities of use which go far beyond the simple delivery of parcels.

Easy installation

It only takes one person to install the parcel locker. It is delivered already assembled, ready to be put into service. After a few simple installation steps, the parcel locker is operational.

Complete solution: hardware & software

The Cleveron 351 comes fully assembled with its management software preinstalled, for even faster deployment. No costly and time-consuming integration is required to start using the software.


The Cleveron 351 can evolve to adapt to the increase in parcel volumes. Additional modules can easily be added to the main module.

Self-service platform

The Cleveron 351 parcel locker is managed via a self-service web platform that allows you to keep an eye on the volumes of parcels processed. Through the platform, businesses can record orders, view packages delivered, storage capacity, usage, and other statistics useful in making business decisions.

Initiation to Click and Collect at an advantageous price

The 3XX range from Cleveron is probably the most reliable in the world. The key element in this type of solution is the lock; We have devoted a lot of research and development so that it can support more than 50,000 openings. Dedicated drawers for letters and small parcel-type books make it possible to maximize locations and minimize the total cost of ownership.

The Cleveron 351 enables all entities, be they retailers, service providers, pharmacies and many more, to deploy in a profitable a self-service withdrawal platform 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Its modular design in columns makes it possible to establish a optimization of space. Extensible solution to respond to all requests.

As with the entire Cleveron range, we offer a complete solution for the entire machine life cycle: hardware, software and support services.

The 3XX range allows you to initiate your Click and Collect service at a price more thanadvantageous. Self-service allows you not to monopolize an internal resource to fulfill an order and allows you to act much faster while improving the customer experience. This same service also allows you to increase point-of-sale traffic and allows you to increase additional sales (the latter has been found to represent 40 to 50% of customers).

With the Cleveron 351, companies can Continue to deliver goods even when stores are closed.

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