Locker connected
Cleveron 403

Le locker connecté Cleveron 403 est une solution robotique conçue pour les petites et moyennes surfaces traitant des volumes inférieurs à 200 colis par jour. L’accès en libre service vous permet d’offrir une expérience omnicanale fluide à l’utilisateur final.

Cleveron 403: Four size options

Le locker connecté Cleveron 403 est disponible en quatre tailles – 4 × 2 mètres, 4 × 2,5 mètres, 6 × 2,5 mètres et 9 × 2,5 mètres, pour une profondeur de 1,5 mètre seulement. Sa taille compacte facilite son installation à l’intérieur de bâtiments bas de plafond ou dans des couloirs étroits.

The installation of the units requires only labor, no heavy installation is necessary. Installation costs are therefore reduced, allowing the retailer to implement click and collect automation very quickly.

Locker connecté - Cleveron 403
Locker connecté - Cleveron 403

How it works ?

  1. The delivery man or the employee of the sign scans the code of the package on the console
  2. The Cleveron 403 brings a tray to the console. The user places the package on the platform
  3. The Cleveron 403 automatically scans the size of the package
  4. The Cleveron 403 stores the package on a shelf, in order to make the most of the available volume, the Cleveron 403 optimizes and uses the space required for the storage of the package
  5. The end user receives a notification indicating that their order is ready as well as their collection code.
  6. The end user arrives in front of the robot and enters or scans his withdrawal code on the Cleveron 403 control unit
  7. Le locker connecté Cleveron 403 délivre le colis à l’utilisateur final en quelques secondes
  8. The end user can now pick up his parcel.
  9. Note that the reverse diagram is also a use case, the Cleveron 403 can be used to return packages.

The ideal starting point for the automation of Click and Collect

The Cleveron 403 offers automated parcel collection point solutions to businesses with smaller volumes. This collection point robot is ideal for daily volumes not exceeding 200 packages. The Cleveron 403 makes it possible to do away with traditional parcel lockers and switch to innovative and more efficient robotic solutions, which open up wide possibilities in terms of increasing parcel volumes. The Cleveron 403 is available in several formats of lengths and heights.

Space saving - inside and outside the robot

Le locker connecté Cleveron 403 a été conçu pour les espaces restreints. Pour rentabiliser votre espace au maximum, il est possible d’encastrer le robot point de collecte dans un mur. Le Cleveron 403 occupera uniquement une ouverture d’un mètre pour la console. L’espace mural ainsi dégagé pourra accueillir des marchandises ou du contenu publicitaire.

What distinguishes robotic solutions from automated point-of-collection (APM) machines is the functionality of optimized package storage. The Cleveron 403 continuously adjusts the arrangement of packages inside the robot according to the available volume so as not to waste space and achieve maximum package density in the machine.

By way of comparison, to manage 342 packages a standard locker will require a necessary space (including the service area) of 17.5m² VS only 11.5m² while optimizing spaces and volumes unlike “competing” solutions.

An ecological approach

La locker connecté Cleveron 403 s’inscrit dans une démarche écologique globale en réduisant l’empreinte carbone de la livraison du dernier kilomètre.

A scalable solution

If your volumes increase and the Cleveron 403 no longer offers enough possibilities, you can easily upgrade to the Cleveron 402, designed for the automatic management of large volumes of parcels and which can contain up to 3,600 parcels. Since the software, user interface and processes are the same on all Cleveron robotic solutions, the evolution will be simple and fluid for your teams as well as for end users.

Multiple valuations

The Cleveron 403 can be used to automate Click and Collect withdrawals, returns or to store goods. If the collection point robot is underused, it is common for certain brands to pool the use of a machine by renting certain free spaces. The robot can also be used as a vending machine, with retailers placing their most popular items into the machine before they are even sold. When a customer purchases the item in question, he immediately receives a notification allowing him to pick up his product in store. This gives the buyer instant gratification and a better omnichannel experience.

Adaptable software

Le locker connecté Cleveron 403 fonctionne avec le logiciel CleverLand de Cleveron, il permet au propriétaire d’assurer la gestion de ses robots points de collecte de manière simple et pratique. Il s’intègre facilement via une API publique. Cleveron améliore sans cesse son logiciel en tenant compte de l’ensemble des besoins du client.

The user interface is identical to that of other Cleveron products, thus ensuring an interface that is as intuitive as possible. The delivery person and the end user just need to scan their ID or the order pickup code in order to drop off or pick it up.

Where can the Cleveron 403 be deployed?

At the store

To increase footfall, encourage additional sales and impulse buying

In shopping center galleries

To offer a click and collect service to several businesses at the same time

In a warehouse

To streamline the inventory process and avoid losing small items in the warehouse

In the metro or train stations

To offer parcel collection in easily accessible places

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