Interactive markup

New price management at the point of sale

Our interactive markup offer allows consumers to consult prices and easily geolocate products on the shelves, aided by optimal readability of information thanks to e-paper technology, which offers a battery life of over 5 years.

Once connected to our terminals or mobile applications, our solutions allow shoppers to interact directly with electronic labels for a connected customer journey (self scanning, automatic price update, sending of a link to the product sheet thanks to with NFC, interactive and contextual flashing of the label, personalization of the price template, etc.).

Benefits of the solution: 

  • Immediate and reliable label updating with transmission of
    optimized and wireless data.
  • Perfect readability with excellent screen definition, thanks to the
    e-paper technology.
  • An intelligent battery with great autonomy.
  • Geolocation of products by flashing facilitating the purchasing process

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