Cleveron 402
Connected Lockers

This scalable and extensible robotic solution allows you to support 100 to 1000 packages per day to manage your two-way flow of packages.
The Cleveron 402 connected locker is the fastest and most efficient solution to automate in-store Click & Collect

Cleveron 402, Extensible Click & Collect automation solution

The big winners will be omnichannel retailers who deliver products quickly and seamlessly, offering the best possible customer experience. Fast and easy in-store Click and Collect will build customer loyalty and further enhance the customer experience. The Cleveron 402 connected locker is the fastest and most efficient solution to automate in-store click and collect.
Locker connecté - Cleveron 402
Locker connecté - Cleveron 402

How it works

  1. The delivery person or the brand places a package in the Cleveron 402
  2. Cleveron 402 automatically scans the height of the package
  3. Cleveron 402 stores the package on a shelf. To maximize its storage capacities, the Cleveron 402 chooses the most suitable shelf according to the height of the package.
  4. The end user receives a notification along with their withdrawal code
  5. The end user enters or scans his withdrawal code on the Cleveron 402 console provided for this purpose
  6. Cleveron 402 delivers the package to the end user at a record speed of 7-10 seconds on average
  7. The end user can now pick up his parcel.
  8. Note that the reverse process is also possible, the Cleveron 402 connected locker can be used to return packages.

The world's fastest parcel delivery

One of the most appreciable features of the Cleveron 402 is its super-fast induction functionality. A robotic tower and two robotic arms work together and separately at the same time. This system places the inserted packages on empty shelves near the console in order to reduce the delivery time of the package.

In “rest” mode, the Cleveron 402 reorganizes the packages, freeing up the slots near the console so that they are ready for a new multi-package induction. Package induction lasts an average of 7 seconds.

Efficient use of space

We understand that in retail, nothing is more valuable than the sales area of the store. This is the reason why the Cleveron 402 solution is modular. Its modularity (addition of columns) allows you to efficiently use the height and width of the space.

An ecological approach

By reducing the carbon footprint of last mile delivery, the Cleveron 402 connected locker is part of a global ecological approach.

Simple & practical

The Cleveron 402 connected locker offers a simple & convenient user experience for both the partner/delivery person and the end user. All actions are performed via the user console - the delivery person can drop the parcels into the machine via the console and the end user will receive his order from the same console.

The user interface is identical to that of other Cleveron products, thus ensuring an interface that is as intuitive as possible. The delivery person and the end user just need to scan their ID or the order pickup code in order to drop off or pick it up.

Adjustable storage

The Cleveron 402 connected locker continuously adjusts the arrangement of the packages inside the robot according to their height. The adjustable storage allows for maximum use of the terminal's storage space.

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