Digital Signage 

Optimize the impact of your communication campaigns

Our solution allows you to easily display all your content at the right place, at the right time.

Digital signage in a few figures

of French peoplesay they pay attention to digital screens
of French peopleconsider the presence of digital signage relevant in stores
of customers who have purchased a productsay they were influenced by digital signage

Sources: IFOP / / Acti-media




The advantages of our solution


Ergonomic and rapidly deployable


According to your graphic identity


Addition of specific functionalities according to your needs


Secure connection and off-line operation in the event of a network failure 


Affordable pricing


A cross-platform solution (Windows, Android and Linux)


Our platform is designed to be easy to use.
Our offer includes cloud hosting of your entire multi-format media library and its functionalities: management of images, videos, PDFs, audios, websites, etc.
The platform integrates the personalized programming of your content (sequential, frequency, punctual, trigger).

It is the ideal platform for fast, personalized and efficient communication.

    The player

    Our player is the component making the interface between our platform and your screens. 

    Our offer includes a compact, robust, economic, wifi or ethernet, multi-OS and off-line compatible player.

    Our player is discreet, very efficient, quickly deployable, monitored and updated remotely.

    The screens

    image bandeau solution affichage dynamique instore solution

    Whatever your industry, we offer a wide range of screens.

    We offer screens of all types: multi-brand, multi-size, multi-environment (indoor / outdoor), multi-format (flexible / transparent / LED / LCD).

    Our solution is compatible with your current fleet of screens via our player.

    Nous sommes partenaires des plus grandes marques et fabricants tels que

    Our turnkey digital signage solution

    SaaS platform





    Some references 

    Retrofit and management of more than 700 players and screens across more than 10 countries

    Synchronization of content distribution on luxury brand corners in airport shops

    Deployment of a transparent LED screen at the entrance to the official FFF store and development of a digital showroom solution

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