Cleveron 405
Connected Locker

The Cleveron 405 Connected Locker is a compact robotic locker designed for small areas handling volumes of less than 300 packages per day. Self-service access allows you to offer a seamless omnichannel experience to the end user.

How it works

  1. The courier or a store employee inserts a package into the Cleveron 405.
  2. The Cleveron 405 automatically measures the height of the package, checks the weight limit and stores it internally.
  3. The end user is notified and receives the pickup code.
  4. The end user enters or scans the pickup code into the Cleveron 405.
  5. The Cleveron 405 connected locker delivers the package to the end user in seconds.
  6. Note that the reverse process is also a use case, the Cleveron 405 can be used to return packages.
locker connecté - Cleveron 405


This collection point robot offers customers the possibility of picking up their packages ordered on the web in stores to improve the customer journey and reduce the in-store queue. It offers a unique, fast and fluid customer journey to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The Cleveron 405 connected locker offers a simple and convenient user experience for both employees and end users. It offers a robotic parcel transfer system to meet the growing demand for click and collect services. Customers will be able to receive their items quickly and easily without paying shipping costs.

This robot is ideal for volumes of less than 300 packages per day.


InStore Solution, official Cleveron distributor, is your full partner. We take care of the installation process, preventive and curative maintenance of all our products with our remote and on-site teams.


The Cleveron 405 connected locker takes up very little space, which is an advantage in areas with limited sales space. It stores up to 170 parcels per square meter, taking up a minimum of 1.3 m² and a maximum of 1.8 m² of space.

This robot also reduces labor costs while simulating in-store sales. It can be monitored and supported remotely to resolve issues quickly and easily.


The Cleveron 405 connected locker is a reliable and fast robot - the drop-off and pick-up process takes only a few seconds. Customers will be able to pick up their parcels quickly and employees will be able to focus on more valuable tasks and reduce the number of repetitive tasks they have to deal with every day.

The Cleveron 405 is self-service, the intuitiveness of the interface allows the customer to be autonomous in his use via the touch screen integrated into the wall of the locker.

This robot is ideal for volumes of less than 200 packages per day.


By reducing the carbon footprint of last mile delivery, the Cleveron 402 solution is part of a global ecological approach

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