Cleveron 501
Connected locker

A connected & robotic locker, an outdoor collection point for grocery pickups. The robot can be installed in various places to provide the most convenient recovery service for customers.

Cleveron 501, connected & robotic locker

This robotic solution brings you an outdoor collection point for the recovery of food products in seconds, for a fast and convenient experience for the end user.
The Cleveron 501 comes in different sizes and can offer you one or two zones (fresh and frozen).

The Cleveron 501 can be installed in many different locations, bringing the store closer to consumers.

Locker connecté - Cleveron 501
Locker connecté - Cleveron 501

How it works

The customer validates an online shopping cart and selects the robotic collection point as the delivery method.
Once the order has been validated in your system, the delivery person can deposit the package (s) in the Cleveron 501 and the final process can then begin.

  1. The operator / delivery man identifies himself on the user console
  2. He scans the barcode on the box that contains the ordered products
  3. The Cleveron 501 selects and brings an empty tray to the console
  4. The operator places the box containing the customer basket he has just scanned on the platform
  5. The customer receives a message and a pick-up code on his mobile phone or by email informing him that his order is ready
  6. The customer presents himself and scans (or manually enters) his collection code on the console provided for this purpose
  7. The Cleveron 501 delivers the tray (s) to the customer
  8. The customer collects his order from the box/boxes and closes the access door.

Save money

The Cleveron 501 optimizes the use of sales space by maximizing the number of packages per square meter. It is a cost-effective method of offering Click and Collect products in areas where retail space is expensive or limited.

The Cleveron 501 is also a cheaper alternative to home deliveries. For retailers, a busy customer is synonymous with multiple delivery attempts and therefore additional costs; with the Cleveron 501, you control your costs while limiting customer dissatisfaction and reducing the stress of your delivery drivers as well as the risks and hidden costs related to last-mile delivery (accidents, fines, insurance, diesel fuel, etc.) .

Time saving

The increasingly frantic lifestyles of consumers as well as the rise of e-commerce have increased the popularity of door-to-door deliveries by offering increasingly shorter delivery times. Although this method of delivery is appreciated by consumers, the expectation of the delivery driver is nevertheless restrictive. The provision of orders according to the niche chosen by the end customer, reduces missed deliveries to nothing while increasing customer satisfaction.

The Cleveron 501 is a super reliable and fast robot - the process of depositing and retrieving only takes a few seconds. Customers can pick up their goods at any time and delivery men spend less time depositing them since the loading area is centralized.

The Cleveron 501 is self-service, the intuitiveness of the interface allows the customer to be autonomous in use and prevents you from monopolizing your resources.

Simple & practical

The Cleveron 501 offers a simple & convenient user experience, whether for the partner / delivery person or for the end user. All actions are performed via the user console - the delivery person can drop the packages into the machine via the console and the end user will receive their order from this same console.

The user interface is identical to that of other Cleveron products, thus ensuring an interface that is as intuitive as possible. The delivery person and the end user just need to scan their ID or the order pickup code in order to drop off or pick it up.

An ecological approach

By reducing the carbon footprint of last-mile delivery, the Cleveron 501 connected locker is part of a global ecological approach.

Brings you closer to your customers

The Cleveron 501 has been designed to offer a compact size facilitating transport and installation, Its small footprint allows it to be placed in different types of locations: near supermarkets, main roads, in neighborhoods peri-urban areas, in car parks in business districts, in town centers, university campuses, industrial parks, etc.

The installation prerequisites are relatively simple, the Cleveron 501 requires to be connected to electricity, to have a network connection and to be placed on a stable surface. The robot can be installed next to the supermarket, but also nearby

Configurable temperature zones

The standard model has a zone with an internal temperature setpoint adjustable between + 2 ° C and + 25 ° C. Each customer can precisely adjust the exact temperature inside their robot. It is also possible to integrate a second zone, freezing this time with a controlled temperature of -18 ° C

Adaptable software

The Cleveron 501 works with CleverLand software from Cleveron which allows the owner to manage his robots in a simple and practical way. It is easily integrated via a public API. Cleveron continually improves its software taking into account all customer needs.

Full service

Instore Solution, official Cleveron distributor, is your full partner. We take care of the installation process, preventive and curative maintenance of all our products with our remote and on-site teams

Customizable design

The exterior design of the Cleveron 501 can be changed according to customer needs. The external walls can be personalized according to the requirements of the visual identity of the company and therefore be used as advertising space or adapt to the particular environment.

The Cleveron 501 connected locker at CORA

Cora, major retailer in France, inaugurates EasyBox, its BtoBtoC service providing a robotic, refrigerated container, allowing employees to collect their shopping at their workplace 24 hours a day. By relying on the wide range of Cora hypermarkets via its site, this innovation must also contribute to the objective of growing Cora's “off-site” turnover in France.

Where can the Cleveron 501 be deployed?

Close to supermarkets

Offer a quick recovery solution for purchases near the supermarket

In peri-urban areas

Bring supermarket products closer to your customers

In the car parks

Customers can access the robot collection point by car, collect their groceries and leave

In busy city centers

Offer your supermarket products where they were not previously available

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