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Article published in October 2020 - Atlas Eco The voice of the North - Anne-Gaëlle Dubois 

From the small activity area of the Moulin à Ennevelin, in Pévèle (south of Lille), InStore Solution distributes digital terminals and screens for shops all over the world. The company innovated during the first confinement by creating a terminal that also distributes hydroalcoholic gel without contact.

The company, managed by Raphaël Cambier and which is now part of the Interway group (600 employees), worked with the Anios plant in Sainghin-en-Mélantois to “offer the best gel on the market” in a simple personalized dispenser or under a digital terminal. “We can distribute a plan to guide visitors, commercial messages, barrier gestures, whatever we want since it's connected… The largest containers distribute 4,000 doses without changing the can,” explains the director. These distributors are obviously assembled in the premises of InStore in Ennevelin.

Thanks to this innovation, the company saw its sales soar. Sales which, at the start of autumn, are starting again. Large chains of stores and restaurants in fact order personalized terminals by several hundred copies to replace basic installations made with the means at hand.

The demand for digital kiosks has also exploded for ready-to-wear stores, drives, "click and collect" order pick-up points ... InStore thus equips Kiabi stores with order kiosks, but also Okaïdi, Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Pimkie, Décathlon, Conforama, Carrefour, etc. Raphaël Cambier is convinced of this: “digital is a force against the distribution crisis, to support changes in customer behavior. Instore Solution will also expand to Ennevelin to create a training center that will allow agents to learn how to install a huge robot for distributing parcels to individuals, designed in Estonia. The little thumb is attacking the Amazon distributor ... 

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