Locker connected
Cleveron 401

Le locker connecté Cleveron 401 Alias Pickup Tower – la première solution d’automatisation des retraits Click and Collect utilisant la robotique. Prise en charge de 50 à 200 colis par jour.

Cleveron 401

This indoor or outdoor “Pickup Tower” allows you to optimize your Click & Collect services, which can process up to 500 parcels per day on an exceptionally small floor area of 5.4m². 

With the rapid development of e-commerce, omnichannel retailers face many challenges. Among these, there is in particular the issue of reducing Click & Collect costs, last mile logistics and the development of omnichannel purchases.

La solution révolutionnaire locker connecté Cleveron 401 apporte une réponse à ces défis.

Locker connecté - Cleveron 401
Locker connecté - Cleveron 401

How it works ?

1. The delivery person or the associated shop places a package in the Cleveron 401
2. The Cleveron 401 automatically measures the height of the package
3. The Cleveron 401 places the package on a universal shelf.
4. The end user receives a notification as well as his withdrawal code.
5. The end user indicates or scans the withdrawal code
6. The Cleveron 401 delivers the package to the user on average in 12 seconds
7. L'utilisateur final peut ensuite retourner le colis au locker connecté Cleveron 401 en toute simplicité

Reduction of Click and Collect costs

Le locker connecté Cleveron 401 est proposé en version indoor et outdoor ; l’encombrement exceptionnellement bas de 5,4m² permet d’optimiser une surface de mise à disposition de colis en Click and Collect. Cette unité permet de contenir jusqu’à 500 colis, ce qui en fait un rapport imbattable lorsqu’on le compare à une zone de stockage magasin. Les processus automatisés associés à ce Cleveron 401 réduisent considérablement la main-d’œuvre nécessaire pour la manutention des colis en magasin et vous permet d’allouer des tâches à plus forte valeur ajoutée à vos collaborateurs.

This provision outdoors or indoors eliminates transport costs and limits your carbon footprint. The ROIs of Cleveron 401 owners are excellent.

Increase in brand value

Beyond the savings presented above, the Click and Collect service intensifies the brand's omnichannel experience by allowing it to increase in-store traffic, while ensuring customer satisfaction. It is also noted that frequenting a point of sale for the Click and Collect service can trigger 40 to 50% of additional sales.

An ecological approach

The Cleveron 401 solution is part of a global ecological approach by reducing the carbon footprint of last mile delivery.

Improved Click and Collect withdrawal experience

The Cleveron 401 offers a simple & convenient user experience, whether for the brand / delivery person or for the end user. All actions are performed via the user console - the delivery person can drop the packages into the machine via the console and the end user will also receive their order from this same console.

The user interface is identical to that of other Cleveron products, thus ensuring an interface that is as intuitive as possible. The delivery person and the end user just need to scan their ID or the order pickup code in order to drop off or pick it up.

The Cleveron 401 is self-service, the intuitive interface allows the customer to be autonomous in use and prevents you from monopolizing your resources. The time associated with retrieving a Click and Collect in-store on a standard service was found to be 13 minutes compared to only 12 seconds with the Cleveron 401.

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